Biography of Zacharie Astruc (1833-1907)

Painter, sculptor and French man of letters born in Angers in 1833 and died in Paris on May 25, 1907. He/She collaborated as art critic in various newspapers; He/She published two volumes of art criticism: Les quatorze stations du salon (1859) and the Salon intime, exposition du boulevard des italiens (1860); He/She wrote several novels and poems by Spanish Affairs and completed his literary work with the Foundation of the artistic magazine El Salon (1863).

As a painter, and as a sculptor, he/she conquered a good reputation. He/She first exhibited at the Salon of 1869 two low reliefs: Homme lisant and Moine agenouille (Tarbes Museum) and a collection of watercolors entitled Souvenirs du Languedoc. These works followed: l'enfant au jouet (bas relief, 1870); Don Bazile (1972); Barbey d'Aurevilly (model in plaster, 1872); M. F. Ponce (bas relief in plaster, 1873); Les aigles of hinge Tolède and Répétition pour a ballet (watercolors, 1877); Le réveil des forces (bas relief, 1878); Carmen (bust, 1878); Manet (bust in bronze, 1881); Le marchand de masques (1882); Le roi Midas (statue, 1885); Mars Venus et (Group, 1886); Rebelais (bust, 1886); Hamlet (statue, 1887); In addition to numerous paintings in oil and watercolor.

In 1874 the chapter of the Cathedral of Toledo authorized him to reproduce the statue representing San Francisco de Asís, Alonso Cano, authorization which had been denied to different artists, making an exact copy of this artistic gem could be France.

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