Biography of King of Persia Asuero (s. V a.C.)

(Assueros or Ahashresh or Ahaswerosh) King of Media and Persia under whose reign are all the events mentioned in the book of Esther. Ester is mentioned in this work as the Jewish husband. This same scriptural story makes him Lord of a large Kingdom that goes from the India to Ethiopia, and having its capital at Susa (where Ester lived due to the captivity of Nabucodonosor II). Fall into disgrace the Queen Washti, who refuses to appear before it as instructed, is seeking a new wife. The choice rests with the young Jewish Ester (Est 2: 17), who takes advantage of his position at the Achaemenid Court to encourage his people and defend him from his enemies. In particular, get that the evil Haman be hanged, he/she tried to destroy the Jews, and Ahasuerus to grant your trust the Jew Mordecai, his adoptive father.

The historical identification of Ahasuerus presents some problems, although most current historians think it is I Xerxes (485-465 BC); the Greek version of the Bible, Septuagint, called Artaxerxes (by what is also thought to be Artaxerxes II Memnon). His name in Hebrew, Ahaswerosh, seems to correspond to the Persian Xshavarsha or the Akkadian Hish'arshu. Herodotus provides a picture of a Moody, angry, and womanizing, Xerxes which can coincide in their fundamental features that offers the biblical book. In Da 9, 1 is mentioned as father of Darius, but given the difficulties historical identification presenting that King does not know if it is the same person or another with the same name.


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