Biography of Atahualpa. Emperador inca (1500-1533)

Last inca Emperor of Peru, youngest son of Huayna Capac, Emperor of the Peru and grip, son of the ruler of Quito, representative of the American indigenous civilizations. He/She was born and died in Cuzco. He/She participated in the wars of conquest of Quito next to his father. In 1525, at the death of his father, he/she received the territories of the North of the Empire. In 1527 began a civil war against his brother Huascar, ruler of Cuzco. In 1532 it defeated at the battle of Quipaypan: entered in Cuzco and was proclaimed Inca or Supreme Chief. By this time landed the Spaniards in Peru under the command of Pizarro. This founded Piura, went up the Andes and arrived in Cajamarca, where apprehended Atahualpa. Pizarro, after a strong ransom, ordered the death of Atahualpa and this promised gold and silver, far reached his hand, if he/she freed it. But Pizarro, fearing that could lead an insurrection against the King of Spain, sentenced to the stake by idolatry, fratricide and conspiracy, punishment which was commuted to the choke. He/She died strangled after receiving baptism against their will. At his death, Pizarro proclaimed himself Governor of the Peru.