Biography of Miguel Atienza Caro (1902-1990)

Famous chopper bulls Spanish, born in Trebujena (Cádiz) on July 7, 1902, and died in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz) el18 of June 1990. A member of one of the most famous and prolific dynasties of varilargueros of all time, was the father of the renowned Madrid chopper Miguel Atienza Burgos, and brother of the other four picks: Juan, José, Florencio and Ramón Atienza Caro.

It was the largest of all the Atienza brothers that specialized in the execution of the fate of sticks, and that most out in their practice. The first time he went into the ring on the back of a mount was on April 1, 1923, in the small Madrid plaza de Tetuan of the Vicitorias. After having played in gangs of the most outstanding figures of his time, was cut the queue on October 20, 1957, in the plaza Monumental de Las Ventas (Madrid).

Among the great masters of art Cúchares who accompanied on his mount Miguel Caro Atienza, is forced highlight Madrid Marcial Lalanda del Pino, toledano Domingo López Ortega ("Domingo Ortega"), the segoviano Victoriano de la Serna and Gil, Manuel Rodríguez Sánchez cordobés ("Manolete"), Rafael Ortega Domínguez Cadiz and Venezuelan César Antonio Girón Díaz ("César Girón"). In addition, also had the opportunity to work under the orders of other swords as hardworking as the newly listed, but somewhat less fortunate (v. gr., Bilbao Martín Aguero Ereño, the Spaniard Antonio Márquez Serrano and the cordoban José María Martorell Navas).

Despite such bright bullfighting history, Miguel Atienza Caro has also come to the art history of Cúchares for having been the creator of the unfortunate fate of the carioca (Mr Atienza also call), consisting of cover exit the bull by turning the mount in the same direction in which the horned seeks to escape, to have it as well attached to the breastplate and punish him how much you want. Although it can be understood as a resource to secure the mansurrones bulls in the sort of sticks - and to this end it seems that Miguel Atienza - invented it, has now degenerated into a common Vice in all varilargueros.