Biography of King of Egipto Atoti (ca. 3100 a.C. o ca. 2684 a.C.)

(Ti or Tti) Egyptian King mentioned in the real Turin papyrus and the actual list of Abydos as a component of the third dynasty, ephemeral reign, evaluated in one year and 45 days. Some Egyptologists identify him with King Aha, the I dynasty, and say that during that time would have made Regent Queen Neithhotep, wife of the indicated Aha; others regard it as a successor of him. However, there are serious problems about the identification of Atoti, since in the two above sources appears in a case as Djeser-Teti and other as Teti. Manetho quoted in their lists to a Tyreis, who ruled for seven years, and that some identify with Atoti.