Biography of Thomas Attwood (1765-1838)

English organist and composer. He/She was a Chorister of the Chapel Royal and then continued his musical training in Italy, where he/she was a disciple of lath (1783-1784), and Vienna, where he/she became one of the favorite pupils of Mozart (1785-1787). The latter year he/she was appointed organist of St. George in London. From 1796 was composer of the Royal Chapel and later also of St. PaulĀ“s. From 1821 he/she was organist of the private chapel of Jorge IV in Brighton and organist of the Chapel Royal from 1836. He/She was also a founding member of the Philharmonic Society and one of the first teachers of the Royal Academy of Music. Considered one of the main principles of the 19th century English composers, in its production are counted some thirty works for the scene (which achieved great success in its time), ballads, songs, glees, marches for piano, three Sonatas for piano or harpsichord with violin and cello, as well as three Trios for piano or harpsichord, violin and cello.


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