Biography of Hugo Aubriot (¿-1382)

Provost of Paris, born in Dijon and died in 1382. In order to be a bulwark against the English, he/she built the Bastille in 1369 and carried out other many improvements in the town such as the construction of sewers, reconstruction in stone bridge of San Miguel, which was of wood, the bridge close to the Hôtel Dieu, and the walls of the door of San Antonio along the Seine. Accused of IMPIETY and heresy by the University, was imprisoned in the Bastille for his life, but left it in 1381, at the beginning of the reign of Carlos VI, and was elected head of the insurgents called maillotins, who rebelled against taxes. Aubriot, which was peaceful customs man, did not want to be leader of rebels, and went to Burgundy, where he/she spent the rest of his days.