Biography of Wystan Hugh Auden (1907-1973)

British poet, born in York and died in Vienna. He/She studied at Oxford and at Christ Church College. He/She made several journeys by Germany and worked as a teacher in an elementary school. His first volume of poems appeared in 1930. Together with his friend Christopher Isherwood wrote: the dog under the skin (1935), the ascent of F6 (1936) and at the border (1938). These three plays were written in verse. He/She fought in the Spanish Civil War on the Republican side in 1936. In 1938 he/she married Erika, daughter of the writer Thomas Mann, moving to the U.S., where nationalized American. In 1956 he/she returned to his country for a short period of time, and took over the Chair of poetry at Oxford. He/She was always inclined towards Marxist theories. He/She appeared as master of a new generation of poets very committed politically and socially. As time passed, he/she was leaning toward positions more religious and metaphysical. His early works are characterized by the use of antithesis, anticlimax, paradoxes, aphorisms, precisely because of the use of these figures of speech, defined him as a poet neomanierista. His major works include: the speakers (1932), Mira, unknown! (1936), letter of new year (1941), the age of anxiety (1948), enraged current (1950), the shield of Achilles (1955), homage to Clio (1960), and several opera libretti, as the career of the libertine.