Biography of Hartmann von der Aue (1160-1210)

German writer, born in Swabia around 1160 and died around the year 1210 who belongs to the large family of the minnesänger ('singers of love') or troubadours of the Germania, printed as bright German poetry impulse.

It probably descended from a noble family and studied literary in a monastery, as exceptional, classical training is constantly reflected in his work. He/She calls himself 'vassal', which suggests that it depended on a some noble or Prince you providing orders, income and even public.

Hartmann wrote his works in the tradition of Arthurian novel of Anglo-Norman origin, introduced by itself in the German literature through the French models. The main theme, therefore, is the behavior that followed the noble to lead Honorable lives, whose goal is to be the glory before God and before men. The established literary model for him remained for a long time in German letters. He/She always wrote novels of Arthurian Court, Erec (1180-1190) and Iwein or Knight of the León (1199-1205), whose subject is taken from the legend of Arturo and the round table, and constitutes one of the most beautiful creations of the middle ages. Between both novels he/she also composed two texts reminiscent of legend, Gregorius and Der arme Heinrich (poor Enrique).