Biography of Berthold Auerbach (1812-1882)

German writer, born in Nordstetten bei Horb in 1812 and died in Cannes (France) in 1882. Jewish parents (his name was actually Moses), Auerbach was accused in 1833 participate in youth campaigns liberal and therefore sentenced to two months of arrest. Excluded from the examination to achieve the degree of Rabbi, he/she decided to be advertising, a profession that put him in contact with the circles of artists and intellectuals of all Germany.

In the field of literature, Auerbach defended the emancipation of the Jews, thus connecting with the idea maintained by enlightened writers. His test of theoretical Das Judentum und die neueste Literatur (Judaism or the new literature, 1836) followed a series of historical novels about the fate of the Jews. The best known is, without a doubt, Spinoza (Espinosa, 1837), a novel about the life of the Jewish philosopher. The Schwarzwälder Dorfgeschichten (popular stories of the Black Forest, 1843-54/1871) continue the tradition of the literature of idyllic character with the means of realism. The novel's time Neues Leben (new life, 1851), whose core is the story of the personal evolution of the count of Falkenberg, is based on events that occurred during the revolution of 1848. Auf der Höhe (on top, 1864) describes the contrast between different social classes.

In its time it was one of the most widely read authors; However, after his death, interest in his work was declining gradually, no doubt due to his idealization of rural life.