Biography of Infante de Portugal Augusto (1847-1889)

Portugal born in the Palace of Infante das Necessidades from Lisbon on November 4, 1847 and died in his hometown on September 26, 1889.

Son of King Fernando IIand María II , his full name was Augusto María Fernando Carlos Miguel Gabriel Rafael agricultural Francisco de Assis Gonzaga Pedro de Alcantara Bourbon Saxe Coburg Gotha Braganza Loyola. From birth he/she was afraid for his life and was baptized almost immediately after birth by the Patriarch don Guillermo. Child suffered typhoid, during the epidemic that claimed the life of his brothers, King Pedro V and the infantes don Juan and don Fernando. It was attended at the quinta de Lumiar by a military physician, the indio José Caetano Pereira. In 1855 he/she sat square in the infantry with the post of honorary lieutenant; He/She was promoted to Lieutenant three years later and joined the cavalry corps with the post of Captain of Lancers in 1862. In the following years amounted to wholesale (1863), Lieutenant Colonel (1866), Colonel (1869) and Brigadier (1870). In 1871 don Augusto was sent to La India with the first battalion of hunters to quell the revolt against the Governor of Goa, the Viscount of San Januario. Controlled the rebellion, the infante, brother of the King Luis I, visited the districts of Bardez and pops out, receiving a warm welcome. He/She returned to Portugal in may 1882, and in 1883 culminated his military career to be appointed general of division.

He was Duke of Saxony, and on February 12, 1867, he/she was appointed Duke of Coimbra. In 1870, when his father rejected the candidacy to the Spanish throne, don Augusto as a possible candidate was thought. He/She took part in the sessions of the Chamber of pairs from the March 20, 1875. He/She was work of representing Portugal at funerals of Alfonso XII (1885) and Guillermo I (1888). President of the jury of the Portuguese Industrial exhibition was offered, but rejected it by having fallen ill, dying shortly afterwards.


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