Biography of Obafemi Awolowo Chief (1909-1987)

Nigerian politician, born in Ikenne in 1909 and died in the same city in 1987. Leader of the yoruba ethnic group. Degree in law from the University of London. He collaborated with the British colonial administration, exercised political and, in the early 1950s journalism, founded the Group of action social democratic and federalist, and participated in conferences of Lagos and London which culminated with the establishment of the independent Republic in 1960. It became one of the most prominent chiefs of the opposition in the newly formed Federal Parliament and in 1962 he was arrested on charges of plotting against the security of the State. Pardoned by the military Government of Lt. Col. Yakubu Gowon (1966), in the period 1967-1971 served as Vice-President of the Executive Council and Minister of economy and finance. He failed in his successive attempts to reach the Presidency (1979-1983) and, in recent years, dedicated themselves to collect the criminal code and to study the Nigerian constitutional process. It is considered the highest authority of the country in jurisprudence.