Biography of King of Egipto Ay o Iya (1337-1333 a.C.)

(Iti-ntjr-iy) Penultimate King of the 18th Egyptian dynasty, who, already elderly, happened to Tutankhamun. Alas, origin unknown, although coming from the area of Akhmim, as Kheper-kheperure, took the name of Coronation was however Royal family (perhaps brother Tiyi, wife of Amenhotep III), as it can be deduced of the charge that it occupied in Akhetat├│n (Tell el-Amarna) reserved for relatives of royalty (head of chariots) and also the title of "God father" that was everywhere. His wife was a woman named Tiy (or woven), that it had educated the great wife real Nefertiti, believed by some Egyptologists daughter of Ay. Disgraced in the 9th year of Akhenaten, his personal worth made it to positions, however later, important, in addition to those mentioned above, during the reign of the young Pharaoh Tutankhamon, among them the Director of the Festival of the nine and the personal scribe of the King. His prestige increased to take part in the restoration of the old religion of Amon, promoted by the new King. As vizier (although this post is not documented) and real older relative, controlled the Affairs of State during the short reign of Tutankhamon, whom he/she succeeded as King, despite already being of advanced age (between 60 and 70 years). Ignored exactly what role played in the issue related to the request by the widow of Tutankhamun, called Ankhesenamn - with prior Ankhesenpaatn - of marriage with the heir of the Hittite King Suppiluliumas I, Zannanazyash, who was killed during the trip to Egypt. Perhaps Ay take part in this murky affair. Either way, Oh was who married the widowed Queen - was, according to some Egyptologists, his own granddaughter-, which earned him his consolidation on the throne, where he/she remained four years in spite of the opposition of Horemheb, then major military. Ay rose to Nakhtmin, son of the influential noble Sennedjem, a viceroy of Kush, which caused great tensions that even caused violent clashes, resolved by Horemheb, who wanted power. Ay died childless and therefore it is not safe to Mut-nedjemet, wife of his successor, the aforementioned Horemheb, was his own daughter. The reign of the elder Ay, that took place in the midst of the corruption and anarchy; It was later considered as illegitimate and even sought to erase his memory. Ay built his first tomb at El-Amarna, which was left unfinished, and another second, as King, in the area of the Valley of the Kings, which then did not use, and which was made to represent not the Queen Ankhesenam├│n, but with Tiy. He/She also built a funerary temple to the northeast of Medinet Habu, with a Palace, which was then continued by his successor, Horemheb. Karnak and Luxor also knew its constructive activities, many of which continuation of which they had undertaken in times of Tutankhamun, the Mansion Nebkheperure case. A cave temple, built North of Akhmim.