Biography of Dan Aykroyd (1952-VVVV)

Canadian actor, whose real name is Daniel Edward Aykroyd, born July 1, 1952 in Ottawa.


It grows in a family without economic hardship, which strives to provide a cultivated education. With a good academic record, goes on to study Criminology at the Carleton College at the University of Ottawa, but his love of the theater begins to stand out above your taste by the laws and ends at the Second City in Toronto company, specialized in comedies. After gaining some experience on Canadian television, a team of producers of American NBC hired him as an actor for a program that will be released on October 11, 1975, Saturday Night Live. It's a space that combines cutting-edge humor of the moment with musical performances. Aykroyd goes to work on this production along with Steve Martin, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and other comedians on the rise. However, your best companion and friend to be the actor John Belushi, with whom she shares her love of Blues and motorcycles.

The couple formed by Aykroyd and Belushi soon is known for his original work on Saturday Night Live, and also by the multitudinous concerts that begin to organize posing as two brothers who love blues, Jake and Elwood Blues, the Blues Brothers. Accompanied by a powerful band of professional musicians, the two actors sing with great energy and make a hallmark of their original dress. Both look hat, sunglasses, Sun, white shirt and black suit and tie. Such is its success, which the director John Landis decides to roll with them rogues Blues Brothers (1980), the film that tells the imaginary story of the Blues Brothers.

By this time, Aykroyd is boyfriend of actress Carrie Fisher, led to fame for his role of Princess Leia in Star Wars (1977) war, George Lucas; along with Belushi, it owns and runs also a famed nightclub where both are well-known for their love of all kinds of drugs, fans who share with them other actors of Fame as Robin Williams. Such excesses of the couple finally lead to the death of Belushi by overdose. His funeral becomes a real social event, and all eyes posing in the coffin bearers: Aykroyd, James Belushi, Tino Insana, Steve Beshekas and Billy Belushi.

Shocked by the death of his friend, Aykroyd moderates its behavior and decides to undergo different therapies. Already recovered, he stars alongside Jamie Lee Curtis and Eddie Murphy among crooks is the game (1983), John Landis, and began a fruitful career as a screenwriter. One of his early screenplays comes at the hands of the producer and director Ivan Reitman, that the wheel with the title of Ghostbusters (1984). Film is a great box-office success around the world and is also the reunion of Aykroyd with an old acquaintance of Saturday Night Live, Bill Murray, together who will star in the film and its subsequent sequel.

A year later, John Landis proposes you to renew partner with another actor of the television programme, Chevy Chase. Although the resulting film, spies like us (1985), do not get expected triumph, it consolidates Aykroyd in the panorama of Hollywood comedy. Throughout his prolific career in this genre some also achieved another dramatic role, as the who plays in driving Miss Daisy (1989), Bruce Beresford, for which obtains a nomination to the Oscar.

He is married to the actress Donna Dixon Aykroyd and possesses a producer of blues music, dedicated to the commercial exploitation of classical groups and the discovery of new values.


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