Biography of King of Babilonia Baba-akh-iddina (812 a.C.)

(Ba-ba-akh-iddin or Ba-ba-PAB-ASH) Ninth King of the 8th dynasty of Babylon (dynasty "e"), Marduk-balatsu-iqbi, contemporary this successor of the Assyrian king Shamshi-Adad V, who beat him and took him captive to Assyria, known by the synchronous Chronicle. The Babylonian throne vacant, it was occupied by Baba-akh-iddina, an important official who did not, however, time to face his rival Assyrian, since it was also defeated and taken prisoner to Assyria along with his family. Their properties and their gods, according to the Assyrian Annals, were destroyed. It seems that later the new King of Assyria, Adad-nirari III, who had done some campaigns by Babylonian lands, let him return to Babylon and carry the statues of their gods. In any case, after Baba-akh-iddina an interregnum of twelve long years in which Babylon did not no King was opened.