Biography of Isaak Emmauilovich Babel (1894-1941)

Soviet writer, of Jewish origin, born in Odessa in 1894. He/She was the first writer of talent that came out of the Russian revolution. He/She joined the revolution and in 1920 joined the Cavalry of the Soviet army. For many years he/she was a friend of Gorki, who encouraged him to write. In 1923 he/she participated in the Polish campaign in the Cavalry of Boudionny, experience collecting in the book the Red Cavalry stories, short stories from the life of military in the comic of Boudionny Cossacks jargon. He/She wrote also books narrative where reflected the atmosphere of the period: Odessa Tales (1921), first love (1925), stories of my palomar (1925) and Twilight (1928).

His works always use direct speech in first person, shows a bitter irony, a carefree eroticism and evokes the slow annihilation of the petite bourgeoisie in Hebrew, at all times to inspire the desire to discover and reassess the human element in the complex gear of history.

In 1937 he/she was arrested under the accusation of Trotskyism and was executed in a concentration camp two years later. He/She was rehabilitated to Stalin's death.