Biography of Babyface (1959-VVVV)

Singer-songwriter, musician and producer of pop music and rhythm and blues American, born with the real name of Kenneth Edmonds on April 10, 1959 in Indianapolis. He/She grew up in a family with a long musical tradition. His first contacts with the world of music took place at school, when he/she joined a band in which some of his brothers were integrated.

At the age of fifteen he/she faced his first job as professional in the band of Bootsy Collins, character who was named it as Babyface ("child's face"). His next appearance on the professional scene came with membership in another group, Mainchild, which achieved a good success with the song in 1977 "Especially for you". Later, already in the early 1980s, Ken Babyface Edmonds changed group to enter The Deele, funk band light with which he/she recorded three albums this decade. In this formation, Babyface met a musician who would accompany him then in good part of his career: the drummer Antonio L.A. Reid. Almost at the end of the existence of as a band The Deele, Babyface obtained a contract to recording solo with Solar Records label. Result of this, their debut LP was released in the year 1987 with the title of Lovers; in the could already appreciate the line that has continued his career as an artist alone, with romantic lyrics and soft melodies.

Despite its undeniable qualities as a musician and singer-songwriter Babyface has also highlighted for his work as an author and producer for other artists. When The Deele disappeared as a group, Antonio L.A. Reid and Babyface began a society as topics of highly successful writers for other artists, preferably with singers soul, R & B, hip hop, etc. Some of these songs were number one on the R & B charts, as "I´m your baby tonight", Whitney Houston; "Every Little Step" (Bobby Brown), or "Baby baby baby", TLC. In 1989, the couple founded his own record label, LaFace Records, distributed by Arista Records and dedicated to the "colour music", which soon collected hits. Toni Braxton and TLC albums sold several tens of millions of records, which served to strengthen the fledgling recording project.

Babyface released their second full length in the year 1989, at Solar Records, with the title of Tender lover; that followed a couple of years later A closer look, which is over the contractual relationship with the label above. Already in 1993, Ken Edmonds recorded and edited For the cool in you, his fourth solo album, this time sponsored by Epic Records. Before the release of this album, Babyface won in the year 1992 two Grammy Awards, one as producer of the year and the other for best song R & B ("End of the road"), and since then his relationship with Antonio L.A. Reid cooled until it disappears.

In 1991 he/she collaborated for the first time on a soundtrack, Boomerang, Poetic Justice and The followed bodyguard two years later and The pagemaster in 1994. In 1992, Kenneth wrote and produced the song "End of the road", one of the best-selling singles of all time, who beat the record that Elvis Presley had in its power to stay in front of the Billboard. Thirteen weeks remained in this position his interpreters, Boyz II Men, and the next single, "I´ll make love to you", even broke this record, because he/she remained fourteen weeks at number one.

At the end of 1994, Babyface began their first tour as an artist alone. For almost a year that he/she had edited For the cool in you, but his work as writer and producer hardly left time for his own artistic career. Already in 1995, Kenneth produced a handful of successes for important people such as Boyz II Men, Madonna and Whitney Houston, and even coordinated the original soundtrack of the film Waiting to exhale, in which were the aforementioned Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton and the great Aretha Franklin, among other voices of prestige. In the fall of 1996, after finding a niche for itself, Babyface launched The Day, his first long lasting over three years. Despite no success so sounded like that they produced for other artists, its position in the market was more than consolidated. That same year he/she also collaborated in the soundtrack of the movie Phenomenon, in that issue that turned the world entitled "Change The World", interpreted by slow hand Eric Clapton.

A year later came the album MTV Unplugged NYC 1997, where Babyface featured stellar collaborations with Stevie Wonder and Eric Clapton. This acoustic album had highlighted the excellent work of Kenneth Edmonds as composer and performer, being an album that lacks any power arrangement or post-production.

In Christmas of 1998 came the album Christmas with Babyface, an LP full of Christmas classics interpreted by Kenneth Edmonds. This type of disk is something very usual among American artists of great success, as the record companies secured some good dividends thanks to its sales. The following records of Babyface were another pair of collaborations in soundtracks, "You Were There", belonging to the film Simon Birch, and "Free", a Duet with vocalist Des´ree for the original soundtrack of Hav Plenty, both published in 1999, year in which the career of this artist of color was unstoppable and its sales figures were chilling: more than seventy-two million albums sold, almost thirty million singles (there was one occasion, in 1994, in between the national lists and the R & B had over one dozen of songs produced, performed or written by Babyface) and ten Grammy Awards.