Biography of Lauren Bacall (1924-2014)

Lauren Bacall.

American film actress, born in Brooklyn, New York on September 16, 1924 and died in Beverly Hills, United States on August 12, 2014, whose real name was Betty Joan Perske, although it was known for his cinematic pseudonym of Lauren Bacall.

Daughter of Polish father and German mother, immigrant Jews who divorced when just five years - when the mother and daughter decided to change its name by Bacall-. He studied in private schools and studied journalism at the Julia Richman High School and theatre at the New York School of Theatre. After graduating he decided to tipping in the interpretation, enrolling in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Center that just it was one year. He worked as a model, usherette, street vendor and took his first steps of the theatrical works of low budget ('Johnny 2 by 4'; ('Franklin Street').

Precisely its work as model you've been to appear, with only 19 years old, on the covers of magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, being once discovered by the wife of Howard Hawks, who made him a personal contract immediately and prepared it to be the cat's big eyes that vampirizó to Bogart, and viewers of half the worldin have and have not (1945), a magnificent crossing of ironic comedy and romantic adventure that at times seems to be a replica of Casablanca. All Hawks cinema is in the film: almost theatrical comedy, lively dialogues and game players, and, above all, present women able to stand up to the heroes.

Legendary love scenes between a debutante Bacall and Bogart (that as it is well known had continued off the screen until the death of the actor, in 1957) they conditioned the entire film, but their performances were in any case convincing and everything "hard it" that could be expected. Andy Williams bent songs from the Bacall, which did not need any kind of dubbing to teach Bogart how to whistle if he needed help.

The scenes between the Bacall and Bogart in to have and have not had Sparks, so the challenge became to repeat a year later. For the big sleep (1946), Howard Hawks bet on insurance. Bogart was detective Philip Marlowe and Lauren Bacall among those young ladies of good American society that tend to be or act as a drug-abusing or nymphomaniacs. Here was an attractive widow who will bring head to the detective created by Raymond Chandler (the two adjectives were left to the younger sister of Bacall, Martha Vickers).

Prodigious adaptation of the first novel by Chandler, terribly confusing (own Chandler didn't know never who killed who), but a total entertainment thanks to powerful performances and intelligent dialogues that make it a classic, above criticism calling for rational explanations to the title and linearity argument to one of the biggest delights of the genusmemorably directed by maestro Hawks.

The duo of Bacall and Bogart made history in film noir. They returned to be joined in two films more: dark path (1947), Delmer Daves, and Cayo Largo (1948), by John Huston. In the first, the Bacall incorporated a woman who professes to care to an ailing Bogart (have to eat with straw) after a facelift in order to hide from the police. Film of extreme efficiency, which is followed with special interest the main couple and a very bad Agnes Moorhead, and because Daves comply with all the tenets of the genre.

In the second, the masterful film of Huston, Lauren Bacall is a widow who, along with his father in a wheelchair, a sensational Lionel Barrymore, runs a hotel in Florida, in Cayo Largo, where: Bogart, a veteran of the second world war; Edward G. Robinson, a gangster low hours; her alcoholic lover, Claire Trevor, and his henchmen. The best Huston (along with the treasure of Sierra Madre and the Maltese Falcon) creates tension oppressive that it constitutes the raison d ' être of this strangely inhospitable work (scripted by the director himself and Richard Brooks) and sore (the bitterness of postwar is one of the many contexts of the film), more dramatic than police, more theatrical than cinematic. A real manifesto of sadness and disappointment.

The personality of Lauren Bacall was underpinned perfectly by his expressive and dramatic force, but Warner refused to realize the potential that had her hands and was dedicated to waste it in movies far below their potential. It was a bad, very bad girl in trumpeter (1950), Michael Curtiz, and a typical, conventional girl rejected unfairly by Gary Cooper in the King of the tobacco (1950), also by Michael Curtiz.

Somewhat broken by such poor materials, remained a few years removed from the film (dedicated, say, to the care of her famous husband) and when in 1953 was already a mature woman, sophisticated, with a beauty less wild, less insinuating, but more natural and warm. And when he reappeared, he did it in sophisticated comedies, as marry a millionaire (1953) and the world's women (1954), both by Jean Negulesco, which behaves like an adult woman, mature, elegant and sure of herself. In the first, above all, a colossal success of Fox, was one of the three seeking fortune through marriage (the other two were the only Marilyn Monroeand Betty Grable).

The following year, in 1955, changed from comedy to melodrama in two typical productions of those years, epoch of the great Hollywood, in color and large screen melodrama, genre in which aesthetic codes are not too far from the musical comedy. One of the great masters of the latter, Vincent Minnelli, was also the director of the fabric of spider, an interesting pictorial composition, adaptation of a novel by William Gibson, with a gorgeous Bacall in loving plan of Richard Widmark.

Another great master of melodrama, Douglas Sirk, chose her to be the Secretariat, with a strong personality, which is removed by Robert Stack to take her as wife and put on red alert to his best friend, a tall and handsome Rock Hudson, in a classic of the genre, written on the wind (1956). Took the honors Dorothy Malone, who won an Oscar for his role of jealous sister and Stack nymphomaniac, but professional praise went to Bacall, who, a year later, agreed to replace Grace Kelly when Vincent Minnelli set out to shoot a little gem of a comedy sophisticated with clear recollections of the Tracy-Hepburn pair vehiclesMy suspicious wife (1957), where he was a fashion designer who marries a sports columnist, Gregory Peck. Both move with wonderful precision in a few decorations that define their respective personalities without words, separate, sometimes only by a gate.

After the small setback involving the India aflame (1959) by j. Lee Thompson, let dishes Californians by the boards of Broadway, in New York, to play goodbye, Charlie and Flor de Cactus, led the latter to film with Ingrid Bergman (something with which was not too much agreement). Not is it lavished too through the screens in the 1960s. Only highlighted its intervention in Harper, private investigator (1966), from Jack Smight, where he was one of the many stars who were trying to revitalize the film noir of the 1940s. They succeeded only halfway.

But had to return to Broadway to get what the film was denied: the awards. He managed to win the Tony for her performance in the musical Applause, based on a memorable title of Joseph Leo Mankiewicz, Eva nude (1950). The Bacall managed what seemed impossible: compose a Margo Channing (the Margo Channing that was created for Bette Davis) personal and without desire to imitate or reach the height of the interpretation of Davis, a great challenge.

Twenty-five years of Lauren Bacall in the film are summarized with a movie of some importance. It was one of the members of the elegant adaptation, star-studded, from the novel by Agatha Christie murder on the Orient Express (1974). He was at the height of John Wayne in that wonderful and nostalgic western entitled the last gunfighter (1976), Don Siegel.

I went into this international Coop of great stars of yesterday and today that was the Robert Altman(1994) women's ready-to-wear. And although his role was completely irrelevant, it had the honor of having participated in the best adaptation (next sentence) from a novel by Stephen King, Misery (1990), Rob Reiner, which characterized the brief the poor James Caan sales agent.

His last appearances on the big screen include the zeal (1999), Mado Ramei; Dogville (2003), by Lars von Trier; and Birth (2004), by Jonathan Glazer.

Actress, hoarse voice, and fascinating beauty, Lauren Bacall was able to exploit swimmingly his slightly androgynous bearing, suggestive sexuality and thus walk a little feline that made her so irresistible. There is no doubt that the Bacall was the only woman, with the exception perhaps of Mary Astor, who was at the height of the stage personality of Humphrey Bogart.

In November 2009, the Academy of Sciences and arts of Hollywood held a gala dinner in his honor, which is also honored filmmaker Roger Corman and cinematographer Gordon Willis, giving them a Óscar of honor to each for their fruitful careers in film.


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