Biography of Bacchelli (1977-1981)

A singer who represented Spain in the festival de Eurovision de 1981, whose full name is José María Bacchelli Ortega.

It is inserted within the crooners that mimicked the school created by the forbidden garden and "ronco-erotica" wave that exported to Italy at the end of the 1970s. Bacchelli, son of Italian and Catalan, mixed with the maternal paternal influence, associated with Miguel Gallardo or Camilo Sesto .

Despite having participated in the festival of Benidorm in 1977, where he/she was in eleventh place, no one knew his skills until he/she was chosen to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 1981 festival. Did it with a song "and only you and only me", written by a component of the Devils, loving Jaén, expert in 'festival-goers' issues and those who roamed the plagiarism (remember the topic of a ray of sunshine). This time Julio Iglesias said that the song resembled another yours entitled "sometimes you sometimes I". Did not have demand, although it is true that the songs have a great similarity, except in arrays. After Eurovision, participated in the soundtrack film three women today with the subject no one like you. Soon after silence hung about his voice.


Forbidden. 1980 and only you. 1981.