Biography of Wilhelm Backhaus (1884-1969)

German pianist, born in Leipzig in March 26, 1884 and died on July 5, 1969 in Villach. He/She studied in his native city and later moved to Frankfurt, where extended studies with the famous Eugene d'Albert. Sixteen, he/she made his debut in London and was impressed by the public until the end of that, years later was offered the position of Professor at the Royal School of Manchester, where he/she remained from 1905 to 1908, year where he/she won in Paris the Rubinstein prize. Throughout his career, which lasted until the end of his days, highlighted in the interpretation of Bach, Beethoven (he recorded the complete sonatas and five concerts) and Brahms. The interpretation of Backhaus was leaving, according to the model of the old German school which is educated, the study detailed and thorough of the score and, above all, awareness be interpreter of the will of the author. This drives away excess virtuosisticos of other pianists, more attentive to their own sound or its technical and interpretative abilities which leisurely study of the score.

It is anecdotal, but interesting to note that Backhaus was the first pianist to record a full piano concerto, which took place in 1910 with the Concerto in a major for piano and Orchestra by Eduard Grieg.