Biography of Bahya ibn Paquda (ca.1040-ca.1110)

Jewish philosopher. He/She lived and wrote in the Muslim Zaragoza which, by that time, was an important center of intellectual life in Arabic and Hebrew, which go hand in hand the rationalism and the current mystical in its practical aspect, interested in the man's conduct. Bay is one of the most popular moralists of Judaism. Apparently he/she was dayyan, 'judge' of the community, and wrote liturgical poetry: preserved near thirty poems sinagogales yours from different genres.

His fundamental work, written in Arabic and translated into Hebrew by the name of "Hobot ha-l? babot", «Duties of the hearts», has left deep mark on the history of Jewish ethics (Spanish translation by J. Lomba. Madrid: Fundación Universitaria, 1994). It is inspired by the ascetical works of Arabs, in the neoplatonic philosophers and own Jewish tradition, to describe the different religious obligations of the members of the body and, especially, the innermost, the beliefs and attitudes of the heart. It underlines the importance of asceticism, unusual thing in the Jewish moral. It has been translated into numerous languages and is indispensable for any religious Jewish family book.


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