Biography of Bakenkhonsu I (ca. 1310-1225 a.C.)

(Bak-n-Khnsw) First Prophet of Amun during the reign of Rameses II, the 19th Egyptian dynasty. Such character, which had started in the Administration as an employee of the stables of Sethi I, then became integrated into the clergy of Amon in Thebes. His personal skills allowed him to go climbing charges priestly to be named, when he/she was about 60 years (year 39 of the reign of Rameses II), first Prophet of Amun, charge that happened to his father Rama, who had just exercised it a year. Bakenkhonsu I also stood out as first architect of the works of Amon, and built a temple for Pharaoh in Karnak - this, various obelisks (one of them today in Paris, at the place de la Concorde), porticoes, gardens and even sacred boats. His personal prestige, he/she shared with his wife Meriesgeret, superior of the harem of Amun, was extraordinary, and comparable to the of the Mayor of Tebas Haunefer and of the great Mayor King, Yupa. Bakenkhonsu I have reached two statues, one at the Munich Museum, with a notable inscription on its back pillar which will recount the stages of his career, and another in the Cairo museum. At his death, happened to 85 years of age, first Prophet cargo passed to Rama-Rey, for some Egyptologists (most likely) brother and others his son. Bakenkhonsu I was buried in Dra Abu el-Naga. His tomb is preserved the sarcophagus of granite, treasured in Liverpool.