Biography of Bakenkhonsu II (ca. 1186-1172)

(Bak-n-Khnsw) First Prophet of Amun, son of Amenemope, head of the cams of the domain of Amun, and the clergy of AMN singer called Taybesy. Such character, of humble origin, despite the social position which then reached her parents on the priestly establishment, made his political and religious career during the reigns of Sethnakht and of Rameses III, both Pharaohs of the twentieth Egyptian dynasty. Previously, Bakenkhonsu II had been fourth Prophet of Amun and Director of the priests of all gods and gradually achieved the highest clerical dignity in Karnak. Bakenkhonsu II we have reached some statues (today in the museums of Cairo and Berlin), as well as references to his person and name in some Papyri. At his death, he/she was replaced as first Prophet by such a Usermaatranakht and not by his son Amenemope, who had charge of the first Prophet of Amun in Luxor.