Biography of Bakenrenef (ca. 660 a.C.)

(Bak-n-rnf) Egyptian vizier, who lived in the time of Psammético I, Pharaoh of the 26TH dynasty. Bakenranef, son of the vizier Padineith, also featured a great hypogeum in Saqqara of dimensions almost own by a King (more than 20 m deep well), situated not far from the step pyramid of Djeser. The Tomb stands out for its rich paintings (with the theme of the personification of the hours of the day and night) and by its numerous funerary objects, distributed today by various museums in Europe and America. In this tomb were also buried members of the Padineith family and other characters, as the Prophet of Sekhmet, called Pasherientaisu, from the 4th century BC The tomb was in use until the second century of our era.