Biography of Angélica Balabanov (1876-1965)

Russian politics born in Chernigov (Ukraine) in 1876 and died in Rome on November 25, 1965.

Daughter of a wealthy peasant family, already very young said his rebellious spirit running from the paternal home and installing their residence in Belgium. Once there, he/she enrolled at the University of Brussels, where he/she had his first contacts with the policy.

Since 1909, and for several years was master. Minister of Benito Mussolini, together addressed the newspaper Avanti until an article in which Mussolini called for the entry of Italy into World War I broke the relationship between the two.

He was the first Secretary of the Communist International III held between 1919 and 1920. This position was known in Italy with the nickname of the "Communist grandmother". But his stay with the Bolsheviks was short-lived; to manifest themselves dissatisfied with the policy of Lenin, emigrated to France in 1923. After making several trips by many countries moved in 1937 to the United States. In 1948 he/she returned to change their residence to Italy, where he/she remained until his death.