Biography of Alfredo Baldomir (1884-1948)

Military and Uruguayan politician, born in Montevideo in 1884 and died in 1948 in his hometown. He/She was President of the Republic of Uruguay from 1938 to 1943.

Member of the Colorado Party, served as second President of his country in 1934, and in 1935 was appointed Defense Minister by his brother-in-law, President Gabriel Terra. In 1938 was elected President of the Republic, with the support of his predecessor, being appointed Vice President Dr. César Charlone, who was also Minister in the previous Cabinet. In the elections of 1938, according to the recent constitutional reform, voted for the first time women who, according to the oral memory, supported candidate Alfredo Baldomir by his physical resemblance with the actor Clark Gable; sectors batllistas and independent nationalists maintained its abstention. The Cabinet was formed, also by Ubaldo Guerra, Alberto Guani and Julio A. Roletti.

Baldomir had to confront the problems arising from the division that existed in the Senate between colorados and white, accented by the Constitution of 1934 in the interior. On May 25, 1939 was enacted the law of slogans, which completed the electoral system, ensuring proportional representation, double simultaneous voting, rigid list and absence of statutes of political parties. On February 21, 1942, to five weeks of the election, Baldomir gave a coup, in order to gain time for constitutional reform. With the so-called "good hit" the terristas, riveristas and herreristas were displaced from the Government and a Council of State made up of batllistas and independent nationalists, who authorized Baldomir to stay one more year in power, was formed which was also accepted by political parties. Indeed, on 29 May of the same year, were published the reforms that were to be introduced in the Constitution and in the plebiscite of November 29 following were definitively approved.

In foreign policy, the Government of Baldomir coincided with the start of the second world war, in which Uruguay took the allies. On June 21, 1942 signed a trade treaty with the United States, which was ratified on 2 December of the following year in Washington. Also agreed with Brazil a Convention concerning modifications to the tariff regime and customs tariff regime agreed with Spain was extended. Alfredo Baldomir was replaced from the Presidency on March 1, 1943 by Juan José Amezaga, who continued the policy of his predecessor.


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