Biography of Hans Baldung Grien (1484-1545)

Painter and German engraver of the time of the Reformation. He/She was born around 1484 in Gmund, Swabia, and died in 1545 in Strasbourg. In 1509 he/she acquired the right to citizenship in Strasbourg. In 1512 he/she moved to Freiburg with the task of making the altarpiece for the high altar of the Cathedral. He/She finished the work in 1516 and returned to Strasbourg. In addition to painting, also enjoyed great consideration as engraver and Illustrator of books, especially for his allegorical works. He/She participated in the devotional illustrations for the Emperor Maximiliano, beside Altdorfer, Dürer and Cranach. Numerous are his sketches for stained glass windows, some of which were executed under his direction for the Cathedral of Freiburg.

Music (Panel of pine, 1529). Alte Pinakothek, Munich.

Coming from a family of intellectuals, he/she managed to capture better than his contemporaries divergent spiritual currents of its time, exposing them in its extreme forms. It represented the religious themes with great faith, and precisely the breadth of this theme, so thoughtful spiritually, made him one of artists with more artistic will of his time. His religious works include the altarpiece of Freiburg, altarpiece of transition with ten tables, representing the coronation of the Virgin and is one of the greatest works of German painting. In terms of representations of witches, occupy a large space within its production of engravings. It also showed great mastery in the representation of the nude. Erotic traits can be found in tables as Adam and Eve (1523); The death and the girl; Death and women; The ages of life; The three graces; and the seven stages of women's lives.

Bruges (woodcut, 1510).

Nativity (Panel of pine, 1520). Alte Pinakothek, Munich.

Prudencia (Panel of pine, 1529). Alte Pinakothek, Munich.