Biography of Alec Baldwin (1958-VVVV)

American actor, born in Massapequa, New York (New York, United States), on April 3, 1958.


Two of the six children he had marriage Baldwin, Alec lives a childhood without complications in his land of birth, although since her teens, it shows a growing interest in political life, in a way that their parents encourage you to carry out studies on this subject. Access to the University of Washington, where it is licensed in political science. However, his friends pushed Baldwin to try his luck in the artistic auditions, where, thanks to his photogenic, has his first opportunity as an actor.

The future artist moved to Manhattan. Before trying your luck on the television, he studied dramatic art at the George Washington University and at the Actor's Studio, directed by Lee Strasberg. He was chosen to play a role in the soap opera The doctors, programming on the NBC network. However, his training as an actor had not been completed, so he decided to work in the theatre, where he obtained his first successes. The triumph in the scenarios favored the possibility to make the leap to the medium of film. He made his debut on the big screen with the movie Forever Lulu, but meanwhile continued their premieres on Broadway, where he already enjoyed a remarkable reputation. Who is a candidate include the Obie and Tony Theatre Awards.

His film career is rather more irregular than the scenarios developed. It appears in the comedy Beetlejuice, which embodies the ghost of a young newly married, lover of the models and eager to expel from his former home to the new inhabitants. After other minor roles, it receives the offer of playing the super agent Jack Ryan in a large production, the hunt for Red October. Executives of the major producing companies consider promote Baldwin with trouser roles, consistent with their physical. That same year it is directed by Woody Allen, giving life to the character of Ed in the film Alice. Up to that moment is considered a discreet professional, very seriously at work. But his new star status and marriage with the also actress Kim Basinger vary dramatically your lifestyle. Begins to be pursued by journalists, and also becomes too demanding during filming, causing the discomfort of shooting classmates. However, this stage is short, because it returns to try Broadway theatrical discipline and its social environment is normalized.

In 1993 he returned to New York University to obtain a degree of interpretation and two years later has his first son with Kim Basinger. The filming of the challenge and Mercury rising coincides with his decision to again try their luck as producer, something that has already done in the film Heaven's prisoners and who will try in the project The confession. On the other hand, attending Republican conventions and understands that, following the example of figures such as Ronald Reagan or Clint Eastwood, it is possible for him to win election, and from positions of responsibility, fulfill this socio-political ideology since the mid-1990s comes defending through interventions on television or statements to newspapers. Parallel, it continues to support the development of theatrical festivals in various places in the United States.


As a producer: 1996: Heaven's prisoners.

As a film actor:

1987: Forever Lulu. 1988: Talking to death; Beetlejuice; Weapons of woman; The crazy adventure of marriage; Married to all. 1989: Great ball of fire. 1990: Alice; The hunt for Red October; Miami Blues. 1991: She always says Yes. 1992: Glengarry Glen Ross; Spell of a kiss. 1993: Earth and the american dream; Malice.1994: Escape; The shadow. 1995: Wild Bill: Hollywood maverick; Two bits. 1996: Coercion to the jury; The heaven's prisoners; Incognito; Ghosts of the past; Looking for Richard. 1997: The challenge. 1998: Mercury Rising (A bright red); Outside Providence.

As a television actor:

1983: The doctors; Cutter to Houston. 1984-1985: Knots landing. 1984: Sweet revenge. 1985: Love on the run. 1986: Dress Gray. 1987: The Alamo: Thirteen days to Glory. 1989-1996: Saturday Night Live (various episodes). 1995: A Streetcar Named desire.