Biography of Hans Urs Von Balthasar (1905-1988)

Theologian and philosopher Swiss (Jesuit from 1929 until 1948), who studied philosophy and Patristic studies with E. Przywara and H. de Lubac. His key concern is to make emerge the religious content of modern thought and present theology Christian in an understandable language for today's man. The ultimate expression of his theological and philosophical thinking glory lies in the work. Theological aesthetics (1961). The Herrlichkeit is the glory of God that constitutes its essence before than the truth and salvific goodness. This aesthetic character of God is at the level theological what for Western philosophy, from Plato to Heidegger, is beauty as a manifestation and splendor of the self. To this essential character of God traces the history of creation and salvation Balthasar. It's an attempt to get out in front of those who seek to confine God into an inaccessible transcendence, and who both involve in the historicity, which end up reducing theology to an anthropology.

Besides the work cited wrote: revelation of the German soul (1937-39), cosmic liturgy (1941), the essence of truth (1942), presence and thought (1942), theology of history (1950), Christianity and anguish (1951), the problem of God in man (1956), Pneuma and institution (1974).