Biography of Anne Bancroft (1931-2005)

American film actress born on September 17, 1931 in the neighborhood of the Bronx, in New York, and died on June 6, 2005, in the same city. His real name was Anna Maria Louisa Italiano.

Daughter of a marriage of Italian origin, Anne Bancroft decided to immediately direct their steps towards the art of interpretation, so very young he enrolled at the Academy of art dramatic of New York. At the beginning of the 1950s, he got a contract with a television company, which placed her in several series of fairly popular acceptance. This relative success led her directly to Hollywood, because 20th Century Fox offered him a contract which, logically, not let pass.

Thus, in 1952, when still had not attained the 21 years, he made his debut in a classic film, based on the novel by Charlotte Armstrong, into psychological melodrama, fog in the soul, by Roy Ward Baker, in which gave life to the singer who works at the hotel where all the action takes place. In the following years, the Fox continued putting it in films of series B, something that obviously was not entering their plans, by which, at the end of his contract and appear in some films of independent production, such as the significant desert wild (1956), Anthony Mann, and Nightfall (1956), of Jacques Tourneur, went to Broadway, where he, along with playwright William Gibson and director Arthur Penn a fruitful artistic partnership. There, acquired a dramatic maturity worthy of all praise, thanks to two roles in Two For the Seesaw (1958) and, especially, The Miracle Worker (1960), which got a huge critical success and public (got it a Tony for best actress), and stood back to Bancroft in the view of the most important studies. When it came time to take the play to the big screen, Arthur Penn, who would also be the director of the film adaptation, William Gibson, who was the screenwriter, and Fred Coe, producer, they had no doubts that the drama of its blind pupil, Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan had the faces of the same actresses who represented them on Broadway; i.e. latter would be Patty Duke, who, with 16 years, won the Oscar for best supporting actress, and Mrs. Sullivan had to be Anne Bancroft, who also the Oscar won for best actress. The film, moving and astonishing dramatic strength, same title as piece of theatre, was titled in Spain the milagro de Ana Sullivan (1962).

From here, the career and life (married in 1964 with the filmmaker Mel Brooks, which is also attached) actress, already completely settled, ranged from Broadway to Hollywood. The sixties were his best professional years. He managed, with always am alone (1964), by Jack Clayton, a new nomination to the Oscar for his impressive recreation of a woman, mother of eight, who discovers that her husband (Peter Finch) is unfaithful. It supplemented soon of begun filming Patricia Neal (who fell ill) in the testament of John Ford, seven women (1966), and brilliantly nailed the interpretation of a doctor, faithless, cynical, hard, facing against the fear with a courage that is full of intimate pride and contempt to life. I went into the skin of a ripe but very attractive woman named Mrs. Robinson who seduces a naive Dustin Hoffman, in the mythical the graduate (1967), Mike Nichols, which got a new nomination to the Oscar.

In recent decades, their presence, prestigious and temperamental, in productions that took part are synonymous with sobriety and quality. Thus, it is capable of being understandable and devoted wife of a middle-aged man - fabulously, as always, recreated by Jack Lemon- who remains unemployed, in an adaptation of a famous piece of Neil Simon, the prisoner of Second Avenue (1975), Melvin Frank; lends itself to appear for the first time, albeit briefly, next to her husband in the last Madness (1976), the own Mel Brooks (meet, in 1983, again in I am or am not, Alan Johnson, the remake of the film, wonderful, Lubitsch); and faces, decisive step (1977), in Herbert Ross, an immense Shirley MacLaine, in a duel of actresses who of itself, and the scenes de ballet conducted by Mikhail Barysnikhov, gives enough packaging to the story of two friends, one, MacLaine, respectable mother of family and teacher of ballet, which promised but who stayed on the road; the other, her dancer's success that looks like the decline begins to shadow his career, and whose interpretation earned a new, fourth nomination to the Oscar.

His prestige was such that in many cases constituted the reason for some films, like for example searching for Greta (1984), from Sidney Lumet; Agnes de Dios (1985), of Norman Jewinson, which got its fifth and last nomination to the Oscar, or the final letter (1987), David Jones, produced by her husband; as well as the male elephant (1980), the wonderful film in black and white by David Lynch, the drama of John Merrick, a man whose terrible disease has deformed his body to terrifying extremes, and where Anne Bancroft plays Mrs. Kendal actress. This same year marked his debut behind the camera: Fatso (1980), a film, with clear Italian atmosphere, produced by her husband, and a series of actors who often frequent the movies of this.

In the 1990s, making use of its splendid and attractive maturity, alternated its appearances between television productions of prestige, as the Broadway Bound of Neil Simon or The Mother, remake for the small screen of the work of Paddy Chayefsky, and interventions in secondary film roles, where the Prestige is offered by it, as the assassin (1993), by John Badham; Malice (1993), Harold Becker; Home for the holidays (1995), the second film of Jodie Foster as Director, or Lieutenant O'Neill (1997), Ridley Scott. In Hormigaz (1998), film of computerized animation by Eric Darnell, Tim Johnson, put his voice to a particular service and fighter ant colony, which, of course, her, Anne Bancroft, officiating of Queen.

Bancroft died on June 6, 2005 in New York Mount Sinai hospital. Two days later all the Broadway lights went out in his memory.



1952: Fog in the alma.1953: tonight we sing; The treasure of the Golden condor; The Kid From Left Field. 1954: Demetrius and the Gladiators; The Raid; Gorilla at Large. 1955: A Life in the Balance; New York Confindential; The naked Street. 1956: Wild wilderness; Walk the Proud Land; Nightfall.1957: The Restless Breed; The Girl in the Black Stockings. 1962: The miracle of Ana Sullivan. 1964: I am always alone. 1965: The life is worth more. 1966: Seven women. 1967: The graduate. 1972: The young Winston. 1975: The prisoner of Second Avenue; Hindenburg.1976: The last madness; Lip pencil; Jesus of Nazareth. 1977: Decisive step. 1980: Fatso (and Director, and screenplay); The elephant man. 1983: I am or am not. 1984: looking for Greta. 1985: Agnes of God. 1986: Good evening, mother. 84 Charing Cross Road. 1987: The final letter. 1988: New York trilogy. 1989: Bert Rigby You're a Fool. 1992: Honeymoon for three; Love Potion No. 9. 1993: The killer; Malice; Mr. Jones. 1995: Home for the holidays; Dracula: dead and happy to be so; Where is the love. 1996: Homecoming; The Sunchaser. 1997: O'Neill Lieutenant; Critical Care. 1998: Hormigaz (voice); Great Expectations; Mark Twain completo de America in 3D (storyteller). 1999: Up at the Villa.


1980: Fatso (and actress, and screenplay).

Guest in TV Series

1955: The Alcoa Hour (episodes: Key Largo and Hostages to Fortune). 1956: Zane Grey Theater (episode: Episode in Darkness). 1989: The Simpsons (voice) (episode: Fear of Flying).

Television Productions

1957: So Soon to Die. 1991: Mrs. Cage. 1992: broadway Bound. 1994: The Mother; Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All. 1998: AFI's 100 Years... 100 movies. 1999: Deep in My Heart; A Salute to Dustin Hoffman (invited).

Televisión Series

1977: Jesús of Nazareth (miniseries, later adapted to film). 1982: Marco Polo (mini-series). 1990: Freddie and Max.