Biography of Matteo Bandello (1485-1561)

Italian writer of the 16th century, born in Castelnuovo to 1485 and died in Bassens in 1562. He/She studied in Milan, where he/she met Leonardo da Vinci. In 1500 he/she moved to Pavia to continue their training. In 1505 he/she was Dominican friar and accompanied his uncle, Vincenzo Bandello, which was general of the Dominicans, in his travels in all Italy. On the death of his uncle returned to Milan. It was made to protect several nobles and participated in political fights, against the Spaniards. For several years he/she lived from one camp to another and, after several changes of guards, spent in the service of Cesare Fregoso, with whom he/she lived in Verona from 1529 to 1536. There he/she met Margarita de Navarra, who dedicated his translation of Hecuba, by Euripides. Die Fregoso, followed his widow of stealthy and settled with her in Bassens, near Agen, under the protection of Francisco I.

In 1550, he/she was appointed Bishop of Agen, stage in which he/she composed his collection of short stories, of which the three first volumes are published in Lucca in 1554, and the latter, in Lyon in 1573. In them, the anecdote is inscribed in a proper historical context, his prose is simple and only rarely adopts a rhetorical style. His novels form a splendid panorama of the life of his century by the conjunction of the novelist and chronicler, and were also a source of inspiration for many authors. Thus, for example, its Lombard Boccaccio was soon translated into all the languages. Spain warns its trace in authors such as Lope de Rueda, Calderón and Lope de Vega.

He died in Agen in 1561.