Biography of Quintín Banderas y Betancourt (1834-1906)

Military and Cuban revolutionary, born in Santiago de Cuba in 1834 and died in combat in September 1906, which was one of the promoters of the Guerra Chiquita against Spanish colonial rule.

Haunted by the living conditions of the black workers, from whom descended, joined the revolutionary movement by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes in the insurrection of La Demajagua flag. Later formed part of the revolutionary troops who pierced the trail from Mariel, a site that presented serious difficulties, then Artemis, and finally arrived in Las Villas (now Villa Clara), to dominate the western part of the country. Flag accompanied the hero Antonio Maceo, who was his boss in the entire campaign of invasion to Pinar del Rio.

He returned to take up arms in the war of 1895 (see war of Cuba) and later against American domination. Flag was a constant and tenacious man who enjoyed great prestige among the military commanders for their courage. Their charges included general head of Eastern infantry.


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