Biography of Baccio Bandinelli (1493-1560)

Sculptor and Italian architect, born in Florence in 1493 and died in the same city in 1560. He/She was a pupil of Giovan Francesco Rustici; later, as all the sculptors of his generation, suffered the influence of Miguel Ángel, who became imitator and rival, although his work appears somewhat cold and academic. The work in which such emulation is more apparent is Hercules and Cacus, 1534, located in the plaza of the Signoria of Florence, characterized by an emphatic Gigantism. Other autonomous sculptures are the reliefs of the choir of Santa María of Fiore and dead Christ supported by Nicodemus. Of its production, are important drawings, which were recorded by the most famous artists of the time, and through which exerted a great influence; in approaching the refinement and virtuosity of the mannerists of the moment.

Baccio Bandinelli. Marble relief.


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