Biography of Tallulah Bankhead (1903-1968)

Actress of film and American television, born in Huntsville (Alabama, United States), on January 31, 1903, and died in New York, on December 12, 1968.


Daughter of William Bankhead Brokman, at that then member of the House of representatives, received a strict education in his early years. From a very young stood out for its beauty in various competitions, which encouraged her to think of devoted to the show. Why, faced with the little future had in his town, he decided to make the leap to Greenwich Village and from there to London, a city that spent the last twenty years by intervening in some films. There came to Broadway, on whose stages was wandering for a few years playing all kinds of roles, which alternated with similar appearances in the film.

His film career was settled in the 1930s. He took part in films like between the sword and the wall (1932), Marion Gering, where counted among his fellow cast with Gary Cooper, Charles Laughton and Cary Grant. This melodrama aboard a submarine is one of his most interesting works, although somewhat obscures it the artistic power of his companions.

After this film he turned in its scenic which work just came out to intervene in any other film. At the beginning of the 1940s rolled three days of love and faith (1943), Frank Borzage, in a story that made reference to the role playing movie stars in the famous cantina New York when it comes to entertain the soldiers arriving from the front to spend a few days of rest. Tallulah was one of the numerous actors involved in this title.

The following year, he played a journalist from fashion, Constance Porter, in the film Castaway (1944), AlfredHitchcock. It is one of the castaways that occupies the boat after being torpedoed the boat where he was traveling. In one of the films most interesting British Director, Tallulah became the central point of the story in which his own personality was changing at the time that its environment. Surprisingly, this work not encouraged her to continue active in the world of cinema. He devoted himself especially to television genre where he participated in numerous episodes of other series as many.


1918: When Men Betray (uncredited); Thirty a Week (uncredited). 1919: The Trap. 1927: Woman's Law. 1928: His House in Order. 1931: Fraud; Honor besmirched; Redimida.1932: Between the sword and the wall; Unfaithful; Thunder Below; Make Me a Star (cameo). 1943: three days of love and faith. 1944: Castaways. 1945: The Tsarina. 1953: Main Street to Broadway. 1965: awaits death. 1966: The adventurous dreamer (only voice).

Works for television:1951: All Star Revue (series). 1953: Hedda Gabler and A Man for (The United States Steel Hour episodes) Oona. 1957: The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. 1962: The Andy Williams Show. 1966: Black Widow Strikes Again and Caought in the Spider's Den (episodes of Batman).