Biography of Granville Bantock (1868-1946)

English composer. He succeeded Edward Elgar as Professor of music at the University of Birmingham in 1907, staying in office until 1934. From that position he carried out a constant promotion of his own both the work of his contemporaries (especially of Sibelius). Its production is always looked for exoticism, inspired by Eastern, literary topics or the Celtic tradition, revealing themselves as an enthusiast of the colorful. His works include symphonies the Hebrides and Pagan, poem Fifine at the fair and the gigantic coral Omar Khayyan, within its important production of works for chorus without accompaniment. It also special attention paid to the dissemination of folklore, including versions of popular Russian themes in their works and also edited collections of English, Scottish, Welsh traditional melodies and Negro spirituals. In 1930 he was appointed Knight of the British Empire and the BBC dedicated to him an homage in the centenary of his birth.


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