Biography of Yevgueni Abrámovich Baratynsky (1800-1844)

Famous Russian poet, born in Tambov in 1800 and died in Naples in 1844. Accused of having committed a crime of theft, was expelled from an aristocratic school military, the "body pages". He/She then sat square raso soldier, and enrolled in multiple military adventures that led him to spend much time in Finland. In 1825 he/she married nuptials and settled in Moscow. From 1843, he/she undertook a long journey through Western Europe, in the course of which surprised her the grim reaper when he/she was in the beautiful parthenopean region.

Influenced initially by the works of Pushkin and Batiushkov, Baratinski poetry was evolving towards a philosophical density culminating in poems written from 1829 (collected in the volume rhymes, 1835). However, he/she broke into the Russian literary world with a celebrated poem, Eda (1824), which recalled the sentimental tradition of 18th-century Russian poetry. Within the same tone, in 1828 he/she published the dance, followed by the concubine (1929-30).

His later poetry, the best of his literary production, presents a marked intellectual character that transcends a philosophical pessimism, almost always born of devastating contemplation of the removal, by the human being, of the natural environment that surrounds you.