Biography of Santiago Ignacio Barberena (1851-1916)

Historian and Salvadoran essayist, born in Antigua (currently in Guatemala) in 1851, and died in 1916. Always encouraged by his pointed humanistic training, became one of the most prominent figures of the American intellectual scene in the second half of the 16th century, which reached to carry out relevant public offices, such as the rector of the National University of El Salvador. Likewise, Ignacio Santiago Barberena was founder of the Academy of Sciences and arts, and distinguished as one of the most active of the Commission responsible for drawing the national cartography. Given the brilliance that carried out this work, it was commissioned also draw boundaries that should delimit the respective territories of Guatemala and Mexico.

In his facet of writer, scholar of ancient stood out for the cultivation of the essay genre within the historical, linguistic and literary disciplines. Among his most famous works, it is worth remembering the titled history of the Spanish language (1901) and history of El Salvador (1914-17).