Biography of Willem Barents (ca. 1550-1597)

Marino and Dutch Explorer, born on the island of Terschelling (West Frisian) around 1550 and died on 20 June 1597 in the Arctic. He/She tried to find a northeast passage from Europe to Asia, in order to find a shortest route to China. Thus, in 1594 he/she organized an expedition that reached the Cape of Nassau, located NW of the island of Novaya Zemlya.

His second voyage, financed by the States General, departed from Amsterdam in 1595 and already had seven ships, but had to return due to inclement weather; a year later, Barents left Amsterdam for the third time, and although the expedition became further that the previous, to the island of Spitsbergen(en el archipiélago de las Svalbard), their boat was imprisoned by ice and part of the crew died of cold, calamities, to which is added the fact that failures of the ship were of such caliber that survivors had to Hibernate in these land. When the climate became more settled they undertook return to Holland on Board of chalupas, on a journey filled with penalties in which the Barents captain was killed. In honor of so illustrious sailor his name was given to the part of the Glacial Arctic Ocean between the continent to the S, the land of Francisco José n, Svalbard to the or, and the island of Novaya Zemlya to the E.