Biography of Ellen Barkin (1954-VVVV)

American film actress, born in the Bronx of New York City, on April 16, 1954.

A degree in theatre history, Ellen Barkin debuted earlier on the stage than on the big screen: it was 26 years old and the work was entitled 'Irish Coffee', although some sources are running that in 1978 he appeared uncredited as a guitarist in the film Up in Smoke, of Lou Adler. After intervening in some independent works, performs his official film debut with the legendary Diner (1982), Barry Levinson, first of a series of secondary interpretations in these early 1980s that strengthened her as a competent actress starring in productions such as thanks and favors (1983), Bruce Beresford; Harry and son (1984), Paul Newman; Flower of the desert (1986), Eugene Corr, and under the weight of the law (1986), Jim Jarmush, film which marked the American debut of Roberto Benigni.

Great take the chance to interpret its first role protagonist in dear detective (1987), Jim McBride, as the Assistant of the Prosecutor of the district who falls head over heels for the detective investigating the murder of a mobster. A great thriller with atmosphere of film noir set in New Orleans. From here, you will walk its strange beauty and strong personality for movies that seem designed for its peculiar person and character. Thus, it was a mysterious and dangerous company of Al Pacino in Melody of seduction (1989), Harold Becker; It was the height of Jack Nicholson in the uneven comedy she never refuses (1992), Bob Rafelson; He endured a violent Robert de Niro doubly, in life of this kid (1993), by Michael Caton-Jones, along with an incipient Leonardo di Caprio, and fanatic (1996), Tony Scott. But the best role of his career gave him is the great director Blake Edwards with a great success in box office and critical excellent comedy: A dubious blonde (1991), in which the actress plays a Playboy a both macho man is killed and, from the sky, giving him the opportunity to return to earth within the body of a sexy lady and amended so long of cheating women.

Equipped with both comedy and drama, great lover of theater and one of the rebels against the classist Hollywood, Ellen Barkin has proven lucky also on television, obtaining the largest prize of his career: an Emmy in 1997 to the best main actress by the prestigious Telefilm 'Before Women Had Wings'.

Filmography 1978: Up in Smoke (uncredited). 1982: Diner.1983: Eddie and the Cruisers; Thanks and favours; Daniel; Enormous Changes At the Last Minute.1984: Buckaroo Banzai; Harry e hijo.1985: Terminal Choice.1986: Desert Flower; Under the weight of the ley.1987: made in heaven (uncredited). Dear detective; Siesta.1989: Johnny handsome; Melody of seduccion.1991: A blond very dudosa.1992: Mac; She never refuses; West.1993 into: life of this chico.1995: Bad Company; Wild Bill.1996: Mad Dog Time; Fanatico.1998: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.1999: White River Kid; Popcorn; Mercy; In the Boom Boom Room; Drop Dead Gorgeous; Crime and Punishment in High School. As an actress in Television Productions: 1981: We're Fighting Back; Kent State.1982: Parole.1984: Terrible Joe Moran.1986: Act of Vengeance.1988: Clinton and Nadine/Blood Money.1997: Before Women Had Wings.