Biography of Agustín Pío Barrios (1885-1944)

Paraguayan guitarist, born in San Juan Bautista de las Misiones on May 5, 1885 and died in San Salvador on August 7, 1944. It was known by the nickname of Mangore. Endowed with great ease for music, with only eight years it was already part of family Orchestra, in which alternating the violin with flute and harp, although he/she later chose the guitar as his most important instrument. It started in 1910 when studies of this instrument with Antonio Giménez Manjón and in Uruguay. He/She soon managed to concerts in Mexico and Cuba at the hands of the patron Tomás Salomini. In 1933, started his activity as a teacher at the Conservatory of San Salvador, but the following year was interrupted by what was to be his only tour of the old continent, which lasted until 1936.

Considered one of the most important Latin American composers of the century, it was the first to transcribe the work of Bach for guitar. He/She devoted generous space to disk, from as early as 1910, reaching the figure of fifty sound records.