Biography of Lionel Barrymore (1878-1954)

American actor, born in Philadelphia in 1878 and died on November 15, 1954, whose real name was Lionel Blythe, although he was better known in the film world by his pen name of Lionel Barrymore. He grew up in a family of artists, his parents were the couple of fashion of the moment in the New York theater and siblings (Ethel and John) were dedicated also to the performance. He was the greatest, the best gifted to the art of acting and the first who discovered the cinema, after several plays, medium in which was already a star in 1900. He settled in Hollywood in 1924, where he made several films. Its appearance, hard and despotic allowed him to grow old with his usual role. In addition to the film, was a complete man who showed his talent in the most varied fields: radio, painting, and music. Protagonist of some films of Griffith, knew how to adapt without problems to the arrival of the talkies. Among his numerous films (around 250) are friends (1912), Grand Hotel (1932), dinner at eight (1933), the island of treasure (1934), David Coperfield (1935) and the Lady of the camellias (1937), the fearless captains (1937), live as you want (1944), duel in the Sun (1947) or Cayo Largo (1948).