Biography of Basilio II el Bulgaróctono. Emperador de Bizancio (957-1025)

Byzantine Emperor between the year 960 and 1025. Successor of Juan Tzimiskes, killed by the Chamberlain Basil. He/She was the son of Roman II and brother of Theophano. Crowned Emperor (960), shared the Regency with his brother Constantine from 961, year in which it was also crowned, and did not begin his personal reign until 985. After quelling the rebellion of Bardas Skleros and Bardas seals (987-989), intended to do with the Empire, put in order the internal situation of this and submitted to the aristocracy. Then was devoted to foreign policy, above all to the Balkan front, where by his cruelty earned the nickname of Bulgaroctono slayer of Bulgarians. He/She also fought in Syria, Armenia, southern Italy and Sicily, here against the Muslims. Combining war with diplomacy, he/she managed to forge an empire that stretched from the Adriatic to Armenia and dominated throughout the Balkan peninsula.