Biography of Kim Basinger (1953-VVVV)

Kim Basinger

American film actress, born on December 8, 1953, in Athens (Georgia).

Third of five brothers belonging to a couple with some experience as an actress, a model and a musician that will decisively influence the future of Kim. Very young he already excelled in gymnastics and swimming and her father enrolled her in ballet and music lessons. A terrible shyness led him to follow a therapy, which although not exceeded ever, it at least helped him use his rabid sensuality. He went to New York, where thanks to his spectacular physique quickly got work as a model. A friend got him a test for King Kong (1976) by John Guillermin, but was rejected (which was the debut of another sex symbol of the cinema, Jessica Lange). He did not lose hope and continued doing tests, which led him to get a role in an episode of the popular series Charlie's Angels, and later in the mini-series From Here to Eternity, with Natalie Wood. This latter work opened the doors of Hollywood, debuting definitely with Hard Country (1981), David Greene, where she was the girlfriend of the forgotten today Jan-Michael Vincent. Charlton Heston was fixed in it and claimed it for his second film as director, duel in the deep (1982), a tape of adventures written by the son of the actor and director, Fraser Clarke Heston, who passed without penalty or glory from theaters.

Even if the own Basinger detests it, an important step in his career gave it the following year, when he played the typical girl Bond of Sean Connery in never say never never (1983), of Irvin Kershner, although it started out as innocent mistress of the villain of the moment, in this case a pasadisimo Klaus-Maria Brandauer. The film, which was filmed in Spain, was a "remake" little appreciable and demystifying of operation Thunder (1965) by Terence Young, with, unfortunately for Kim, an amazing and monumental Barbara career plan villain who ate the movie scene by scene.

A strike of actors in that same year 1983 brought to accept the proposal of the Play Boy magazine to pose nude for her Centerfold. Paradoxically, while it is normal to an advertising of this type to shred a career in cinema, in the case of Kim Basinger was different everything. He began to receive job offers and even allowed the luxury of rejecting others. Blake Edwards chose her to perform, alongside Julie Andrews and Burt Reynolds, my problems with women (1983). So did Barry Levinson, so it appeared, alongside Robert Redford and Glenn Close, at best (1984), and Robert Altman relied on her to be the companion of Sam Shepard in the adaptation of the play by the actor himself, crazy in love (1985), which showed a dramatic appearance which took to return to teach.

But his accolade definitive, not so much as an actress, but as erotic myth in which became, was nine and a half weeks controversy (1986), Adrian Lyne, film that was cut by the producer for its exhibition in the United States, but in Europe could be seen virtually as the director wanted. Much more beautiful, even appears in the wonderful appointment blind (1987), Blake Edwards, tape that was filmed immediately after caught with no output (1987), Richard Pearce, together with another erotic myth of the film, Richard Gere.

Until his dazzling recreation of Verónica Lake in L.A. Confidential (1997), Curtis Hanson, for which he received the Oscar to the best actress, appointment of blind was the best performance of his career. Belonging to the great series of absurd comedies of Blake Edwards, the film is an achievement of splendid gags, most of them served by a dazzling Kim Basinger, in a role full of funny inconvenience caused by a 'DRAM' of champagne and some chocolates with an overdose of liquor.

Accustomed the public to see characters they gave off a strong charge of sensuality, the actress decided to change record and agreed to participate in what was then their highest-grossing film, Batman (1989), by Tim Burton, in which his greatest virtue was not neither she nor his 'partner', Michael Keaton, who played Batman, and even the direction of Burton, but a really wonderful production design.

After enough dreamed idylls, among them with the singer Prince, met during the filming of it always says Yes (1991), by Jerry Rees, which became her current husband, Alec Baldwin, that lived before a haphazard affair. Precisely with he starred in escape (1994), Roger Donaldson, a "remake" of the same title film directed in 1972 by Sam Peckinpah, Alie MacGraw and Steve McQueen, who further contributed to the original, except for some steamy love scenes between the couple, protagonist of the film, which already was in real life.

Apart from its textual appearance in that flood of stars which was women's ready-to-wear (1994), Robert Altman, Kim Basinger decided to momentarily abandoned his film career for family life. But when he returned he did it in style, with the masterful L.A. Confidential, among a group of excellent actors in which nobody stands out no one, and the fact that it won the Oscar for best actress of cast does not hide the certainty that their role was small, but as important as any other.

There is no doubt that his physical has helped Kim Basinger to reach unthinkable status which currently enjoys, but undoubtedly patiently over the years and films, has been able to take advantage to their always outstanding qualities as anyone: sensuality, talent, beauty and a sweet shyness.


As an actress of cine:

1981: Hard Country. 1982: Duel in the depths. 1983: Never say never; My problems with women. 1984: the best. 1985: Fool for Love.1986: nine and a half weeks; Trapped dead. 1987: Blind; date Nadine. 1988: My girlfriend is an alien. 1989: Batman. 1991: She always says Yes. 1992: Final analysis; The world of Holly. 1993: Extremely dangerous; Wayne completo World 2. 1994: The flight; Prêt-à-porter. 1997: L.A. Confidential. 1999: i Dreamed of Africa; Bless the Child. 2002: 8 mile; People I know.2004: The door in the floor; Elvis has left the building; Cellular. 2006: Even Money; The Burning Plain. 2008: While she was out; The informers. 2010: Charlie St. Cloud.

TV guest appearances: 1971: McMillan and Wife.1976: Gemini Man (episode "Night Train To Dallas"); Charlie's Angels (episode "Angels in Chains"). 1977: The Six Million Dollar Man (episode "The Ultimate Imposter"). 1978: Vega$-"Lady Ice"-. 1998: the Simpsons (voice)-"When You Dish Upon A Star".

Productions for Television: 1977: Dog and Cat; Dog and Cat (series). 1978: Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold; Ghost of Flight 401.1979: From Here to Eternity (Miniseries). 1980: From Here to Eternity (series). 1981: Killjoy.