Biography of Shirley Bassey (1937-VVVV)

English singer, daughter of a hindu sailor, born in Cardiff, Wales, (United Kingdom) in 1937. Soon he began to sing in clubs of workers, embarking on a tour at the age of sixteen. Just two later got his first role in a magazine of the West End - quarter London-call "Such is life", debuting on vinyl a couple of years later. In 1959 he recorded "Kiss me honey, honey, kiss me", Classic theme which dismissed his time with the Philips label to record at Columbia, being "As long as he needs me" one of the first issues of this new era. By then his powerful voice had gained maturity, spinning his best period until the end of the sixties with versions of standards.

Among many others, include "Goldfinger", the famous composer John Barry, of the film of the same title, or "Diamonds are forever". Edit some albums in the 1970s, without such an impact, but still live singing until 1980, year in which withdraws in Switzerland.

Interestingly, in 1997 back to the fore successfully, and the hand of the Propellerheads. The great vocalist, which has not lost one iota of its extraordinary vocal register, collaborates in the first and most listened single by British duo, "History Repeating", a real hit in the lists of half the world.