Biography of William Bateson ( 1861-1926)

English biologist, was born in 1861 in Whitby (Great Britain) and died in Golders Green in 1926. He/She studied as a scholar at St John's Cambridge and was later chosen for the grant Balfour, time which took the opportunity to devote himself to the study of the problems of variation and inheritance, which was interested from the beginning of his scientific life. He/She worked as Assistant to the Professor of zoology and investigated intensively in the Botanical Garden. His relationship with the mendelismo is manifested in his first work titled hybridization and crossbreeding as a method of scientific research, who presented at the first International Conference on hybridisation, held in London in 1899. Was who gave the first news in England about investigations of Mendel, still with its works and publications a great advocate of this. In 1902 he/she published the Mendelian principles of inheritance: a defense with the translation of the original works of Mendel on hybridization. He/She suggested for the first time the genetic term for the science of heredity and variation. Also created the terms homozygous, heterozygous, allelomorph and epitastico. In 1908 he/she was appointed reader in zoology from Cambridge, and later served as the Chair of biology. In 1910 he/she became the Directorate of the Institute of horticulture John Innes of Merton.