Biography of José Batres Montúfar (1809-1844)

Poet, military and Guatemalan politician, born in San Salvador. It was an officer of artillery at eighteen, and took part in the war against El Salvador, where he fell prisoner; later, he graduated in engineering, and took part in the official expedition to the San Juan River in Nicaragua in order to explore the possibilities open an interoceanic communication, died there his brother Juan, whose death is omnipresent in its lyric. Batres was a man of quiet and unsociable, but loved passionately without being reciprocated, and was in possession of enough ingenuity and wit to be able to satirize in verse about how it seemed objectionable, mocking his own position of Deputy and parliamentary environment. His poetry, which has been been called "joco-seria", is deeply ironic, because José Batres enjoys all the qualities of the true humorist. As a poet, this Guatemalan author performed some free translations of classical authors Horace and Ovid, which he entitled Odes and love, respectively. Some success are his poems San Juan and I think of you, but his masterpiece is the entitled traditions of Guatemala, composed by narrations in verse, written in Royal octaves, where mimics, at least in some cases, as for example in El Relox, false appearances and Don Pablo, the work Gli animali parlanti (1802) of the Italian Giambattista Casti; composition in which proves to be a very skilled storyteller in verse, which highlights both its landscape and its sense of humor.