Biography of Dino Battaglia (1923-1983)

Cartoonist and Italian screenwriter, born in Venice in 1923. Initiated in the year 1948 to magazine Albo Uragano/Asso di picche Junglemen series. Influenced in its early days by American cartoonist Milton Caniff, soon acquired a personal style that reflected already in Pecos Bill in the early 1950s. His creations include runway dei quattro (1964), Ivanhoe (1965), I Cinque della Selena (1966), Cinque its Mars (1967), Gargantua (1980) and LĀ“Ispettore Coke (1983). In 1969 he/she was granted the prize Phenix and, the following year, the Yellow Kid. He/She also illustrated stories of Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville , and H.P. Lovecraft. He/She died in 1983.