Biography of Luis Bayón Herrera (1899-1956)

Director of Argentine cinema, of Basque origin. Born in Bilbao, Bayón Herrera was one of the most important directors of the golden age of Argentine cinema. Extraordinary humour, its association with the great actress Niní Marshall, left some memorable titles and one of the most important documents of a time and a way of making films. Some his music as A La Habana me voy (1950), which takes as a model the classic films of Carmen Miranda, are true gems of the Argentine musical film of the time. He had the fortune, in addition, of directing the only Argentine film which United two of the biggest idols of screen: Hugo de el Carril and Luis Sandrini (the two rivals, 1944), leaving another testimony of a film which marked a whole era in Latin America.


1935: Noches de Buenos Aires.1938: my mother is a beast, between the mud, Candida, and Oro.1939: Jettatore.1940: the jealousy of Candida, the star of tango, my fortune by a grandson, and Amor.1941: young, widow and rancher, and the most unhappy of the pueblo.1942: the novel of a young poor and the House of the millones.1943: impossible passion and Zapa.1944 skin: The two rivals and the dance of the fortuna.1946: three million and love, and a model of paris.1947: an ideal.1948 husband: Beware the imitaciones.1950: the seducer, a Cuban in Spain (A La Habana me voy), and Buenos Aires in sight. 1951: In soul music.