Biography of William Beaudine (1892-1970)

American filmmaker born in New York (United States) on January 15, 1892, and died on March 18, 1970 in Canoga Park (California). He/She was one of the true pioneers of American cinema and one of the few who were able to stay after the irruption of the sound. Known to his colleagues as Bill "One-shot" ("a") Beaudine, for his legendary speed by directing, his first steps in the cinema gives them the first company of David Wark Griffith, Biograph, first as an Assistant and even actor to spend soon directing their own films. Most of this material has been lost. Brother of the also director Harold Beaudine, married in 1915 to Marguerite Fleischer, which would have four children, one of them actor William Beaudine Jr.

In 1926 he/she directed one of his best and most popular films, sparrows. Produced by United Artists and starring one of the first stars of the history of the cinema, Mary Pickford, is undoubtedly the masterpiece of Beaudine. Its incredible decorations, a swamp with lush vegetation and abundant alligators, were built in the studies of the Mary Pickford Company, on Santa Monica Boulevard, by the great art director Harry Oliver. During those years carried out relentlessly films of all kinds of genres that is builds its reputation of effective craftsman and capable of adapting to the most demanding production plans that would continue during its sound stage and on their way back to television. On his death in 1970, and with more than two hundred films behind him, he/she is director of the DGA, the Association of Directors of the United States.


Short films

1916: Musical madness; Beans and bullets; The inspector completo double; A croked mixup; To shadow shadowed; Their first arrest; In love with a fireman; A Janitor's vendetta; The tramp chef; Scrappily Married; Their dark secret; Love in suspense; Jags ans jealousy; The tale of a turk; Mines and matrimony; When damon fell for pythias.1917: Barred from bar; His coming out party; Love me, love my biscuits; Out the dought for; Passing the grip; Matt mules; Wanta make a dollar; Art aches; Whose Baby?; To Boob for luck; What the?; The leak; The Careless; Left in the soup; The onion hero; The man with a packhage; The boss of the family; Uneasy money; His fatal beauty; One damp day; The cross-eyed submarine; 20,000 legs under the sea; I've had ' em buffaloed; Canning the cannibal king; O-my, the tent move; The battling bellboy; Out again, in again; Behind the map; Whay the left home; Officer, call a cop; Hawaiian nuts; The fountain of trouble; Who done it?; What'll we do with uncle?; Secret servantas; To bad little good man.1918: Eddie, get the mop.1919: Mixed wives.1922: Strictly modern; Punch the clock.1930: A Hollywood theme song.1931: The college vamp; One yard to OS; The Great junction hotel.

Feature films.

1922: Catch my smoke; The heroes of the street; Watch your steps.1923: Boy of mine; Orphans of the village; Her fatal millions; Penrod and Sam; The printer's devil.1924: Cornered; The value of the example; Lover's lane; This is life; The lost son; As we want them to; Wandering husbands.1925: A Broadway butterfly; How Baxter butted in; The little Anita.1926: The canadian; Lions to me!; The social highwayman; Sparrows; Love to the vuelo.1927: the warmth of the home; The irresistible galan; The thing is that arde.1928: strangers in Paris; First and foremost duty; Love for love; Give and take; String perpetua.1929: Expat; The clerk; Two weeks off; The hook of the vestir.1930: wedding ring; Road to paradise; Those who dance.1931: father and son; Stop of passions; The lady who dared; Misbehaving ladies; Penrod and Sam; Men in her life (Spanish version: men in my life). 1932: Make me a star; Abyss of pasion.1933: the crime of the century; You need a protector.1934: comedians of the League; Dandy Dick (and coguion). 1935: Boys will be boys; Get off my foot; Two hearts in harmony.1936: Windbag the sailor; It's in the bag; Mr. Cohen takes to wife; Where there's a will (and screenplay); Educated Evans.1937: Feather your nest; Take it from me; O'Reilly Said to Mc Nab.1938: Torchy gets her man.1939: Torchy blane in Chinatown; Misbehaving husbands.1940: Mr Washington goes to town; He/She done him right; Up Tan the devil; Lady luck.1941: Federal fugitives; Emergency Landing; Blonde comet; Mr. Celebrity; Desperate cargo.1942: One thrilling night; The living ghost; The Broadway big hot; Duke off the navy (and screenplay); The panter's claw; The miracle kid; Men of San Quentin; Girl's prison; Professor creeps; Phantom killer; Foreign agent.1943: The mystery of the 13th guest; The haunted house; The ape man; Clancy street boys; Spotlights scandals; Here comes Kelly; Mr. Muggs step out.1944: Voodoo man; Detective Kitty o' Day; Hot rhythm; Shadow of a suspicion; Crazy nights; What a man!; Follow the leader; Leave it to the irish; Bowery champs; Oh, what a night; MOM and dad.1945: Blonde ransom; Black market babies; The adventures of Kitty O'Day; Fashion model; Swingin' on a rainbow; Eat out fighting.1946: Below the deadline; The shadow returns; Girl on the spot; The face of Marble; Don't gamble with strangers; One exciting week; Spok busters.1947: The network cornet; Philo Vance returns; Hard boiled Mahoney; Killer at large; Too many winners; News hounds; Bowery buckaroos; Gas house kids go west.1948: The mystery of golden eye; The Shanghai chest; The feathered serpent; Angel's alley; Jinx money; Kidnapped; Smugglers' cove; Incident; Jiggs and Maggie in court (co-directed). 1949: Tuna clipper; Jiggs and Maggie in Jackpot Jitters; The prince of peace (co-directed); Forgotten women; Tough assignment.1950: Blonde dynamite; Blue grass of Kentucky; Lucky losers; Jiggs and Maggie out west; County fair; Again-pioneers!; Second chance; Blues Busters.1951: Ghost chasers; Cuban fireball; Bowery battalion; Let's go navy; Crazy over horses; Havana Rose.1952: Bela Lugosi meets a Brooklyn gorilla: Win, place and show; Hold that Line; Rodeo; Jet job; The Rose bowl story; Here come the marines; No holds barred; Feudin' ' fools.1953: Murder without tears; Jalopy; Roar of the Crowd.1954: Paris playboys; Yukon vengeance; Pride of the blue grass.1955: High society; Jail busters.1956: Westward to the wagons.1957: In the money; Up in smoke.1960: Ten who dared.1963: Lassie completo greatest adventure.1966: Billy the kid vs. Dracula; Jesse James meets Frankenstein's daughter.

Works for television.

1951: Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (series). 1956: broken arrow (series). 1958: Naked city (series). 1959: Moochie of the Little League.1966: The Green Hornet.

As an actor.

1909: To save her soul.1911: Why I gave up.1912: The engagement ring; Fickle spaniard; Hot stuff; The furs; Tragedy of the dress suit; Helen's marriage; Mr. Grouch at the seashore.1931: Movie town; Forgotten women.1942: Men of San Quentin.1943: What a man.