Biography of William Beaumont (1785-1853)

William Beaumont.

Physician and American physiologist, was born in Lebanon, in 1785, and died in San Luis, with important papers on the functioning of the digestive system.

The first studies on the digestive system emerged by chance. In 1822, Beaumont was intended in the strong Mackinac in Michigan and there had the opportunity to study the evolution of a wound suffered by a trapper Canadien, Alexis Martin, wound that pierced her stomach by accident. This body was outside the abdomen and to the heal the wound only a thin membrane or channel was the only barrier between the estomgo and abroad. Because of this, Beaumont had the opportunity to know, almost live, the process of digestion in the stomach and discover the existence and mode of action of the gastric juice and hydrochloric acid and pepsin content. Their contributions contributed enormously to the understanding of digestion and their samples were sent to various laboratories for analysis and Identificacion.comprobo also how the digestion process could vary its durability depending on the type of food ingested, and as certain substances, such as alcohol could cause an inflammation of the stomach lining.